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Plaquex & IV Vitamin Therapy

Plaquex therapy is one of the most innovative new treatment in the regenerative medicine. Phospholipids, particularly phosphatidylcholine (PC), are essential to life and tissue function. They are the major building block of cell membranes, which surround every cell in the body and allow for healthy cellular function and communication between cells.

Intravenous PC is called Plaquex therapy. It has several actions including decreasing plaquing in arteries, improving circulation (especially in Diabetics), boosting sexual performance, reversing the ravages of aging, acting as a potent liver detoxifier, and detoxifying your body from biotoxins and toxic heavy metals.

Although our body produces PC, with age, this synthesis is impeded. Other phospholipids and cholesterol increase. The effect of this is an inability of cells to let nourishment in and toxins out, an inability of chemical receptors to function properly in the cell membrane, an increase in arterial plaquing and atherosclerosis, and a decrease in the ability of the heart to pump blood through ever narrowing arteries.

Research has shown that intravenous PC has a regenerative and revitalizing effect on the entire body. Other research has shown this treatment to improve a person’s energy, make them feel and look younger, increase libido, and improve overall health. Further, it protects the liver from toxins and greatly enhances the ability of the liver to detoxify chemicals. Studies have proven Plaque therapy to reverse fatty liver and liver damage.

The Procedure

Intravenous Plaquex infusion is a safe procedure given in our office. Generally, 10 or more Plaquex therapy treatments at 1-3 weekly may be required depending on individual needs. IV infusion last 90 to 120 minutes. This therapy combines well with intravenous Glutathione and often the two are administered together in a treatment called “Phospholipid Exchange”. Also, Plaquex therapy is often alternated with Chelation Therapy for a complete therapeutic effect.

Recovery Time

Normally, there is little or no issue associated with this treatment. Some redness of injection area may last minutes to hours after treatment.

Post-treatment Considerations

You should avoid the following for at least 24 hours after treatment, Strenuous exercise, or Consumption of alcoholic beverages.


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